Be Here

Do you ever think, “If I could just get through this day, weekend, month, year I’d be happy?”I find myself doing that a lot. Yearning to be in my free time or with my loved ones rather than in traffic or at the office for 40 hours.

As I was having these thoughts this morning I realized the strong need to be in the present. Looking back I often have rushed through time, being absent, going through the motions. We only have a finite amount of time and resources and I now I realize the urgency to be here everyday.

Most of us possess a career or profession we aren’t exactly passionate about. At the end of the day, a job is a job. Even the best jobs may have some dull moments. We all have obligations and responsibilities. However, that shouldn’t rob of us our happiness and presence in our own life.We must wake up and show up!

I’ll admit I have some hard days. Sometimes it feels like a race moving through work, gym, and daily activities. But we cannot get lost. I have made a vow to be present.

When I am at work I try to truly apply myself to what I am doing. Whether its crafting an email or communicating with my colleagues, I am there. I take a moment to truly enjoy that cup of coffee I have at my desk, savoring it and feeling the warmth.  As a result, the day goes by faster than mindlessly going through motions while my mind is somewhere else.

Rather than being mindlessly stuck in traffic, I am conscious. I observe what is around me. I sometimes notice things I never have before, like the beauty of the trees or the sunlight or even how a dreary day can still look beautiful.

At home I slow down. I am present with my family. I hug my boyfriend a little longer. I act silly and giggle with my daughter. I read her a book before her bedtime even if I am exhausted. And I never regret it.

I try my best to make each moment count. After all, we work so hard to create a life for ourselves shouldn’t we be present?


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