Selling Out

IMG_1016I always used to hear the phrase “sell out” mainly when it came to bands, as I am obsessed with music. Sure I knew what that meant however I never really thought about the concept in depth.

Today I get it. I’ve had some life experiences in my bag, I have a child and a career. The older I get, the more cognizant of my boundaries I become. My desire to stay true to myself has almost become a necessity.

Selling out is bending your principals and convictions to appease those around you.


I see it happening around me all the time. It blows my mind. Sometimes I feel as though I am the outsider because I simply cannot do things contrary to my true self. It almost pains me to do something my heart is not involved in. But maybe this is why we have boundaries….to protect ourselves from ourselves.

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.”

I am a terrible liar. I do not ‘brown nose’. I am brutally honest. My emotions are usually written on my face. But guess what? That’s okay.

We only have this one life. We are in control how we present ourselves, what we stand for, what actions we take. It is up to you to make yourself. Never ever forget to be true to yourself even if it challenges everything around you.

You are you and that is your power.



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